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Evacut Cobalt Drill Prepack Metric

From $7.31
Qty. Size Products Price
1.5mm DR1398 $7.45
2.0mm DR1399 $7.71
2.5mm DR1400 $7.99
3.0mm DR1401 $7.31
3.5mm DR1402 $8.57
4.0mm DR1403 $9.37
4.5mm DR1404 $9.78
5.0mm DR1405 $11.01
5.5mm DR1406 $14.06
6.0mm DR1407 $15.41
6.5mm DR1408 $17.37
7.0mm DR1409 $16.34
7.5mm DR1410 $19.56
8.0mm DR1411 $23.58
8.5mm DR1412 $28.98
9.0mm DR1413 $29.26
9.5mm DR1414 $32.46
10.0mm DR1415 $34.33
10.5mm DR1416 $38.17
11.0mm DR1417 $45.66
11.5mm DR1418 $53.99
12.0mm DR1419 $60.26
12.5mm DR1420 $60.35
13.0mm DR1421 $67.93

Total: $0

Cobalt Drill Met ~ Supplier Part #: 00000



The Evacut Cobalt Jobber Drill bits are an industrial quality accessory for drilling stainless steel and other tough materials.

Features include:
  • Made with high speed steel
  • Cobalt alloyed to improve abrasive and heat resistance, for increased strength at higher drilling temperatures
  • 135° split point enables accurate positioning and less drilling pressure
  • Colour tempered finish enables identification of cobalt drills
  • Made in New Zealand



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