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Evacut Metric Jobber Drill Bits

$9.38 incl. GST
From $2.76
Qty. Size Products Price
0.50mm DR2063 $9.38
1.00mm DR2073 $3.44
1.50mm DR2083 $3.08
2.00mm DR2093 $2.76
2.50mm DR2098 $2.99
3.00mm DR2104 $2.81
3.50mm DR2109 $3.08
4.00mm DR2114 $3.44
4.50mm DR2119 $3.82
5.00mm DR2124 $4.53
5.50mm DR2129 $5.42
6.00mm DR2134 $5.90
6.50mm DR2139 $6.70
7.00mm DR2144 $7.95
7.50mm DR2149 $8.81
8.00mm DR2154 $9.57
8.50mm DR2159 $10.90
9.00mm DR2164 $11.72
9.50mm DR2169 $13.36
10.00mm DR2174 $13.96
10.50mm DR2179 $15.77
11.00mm DR2184 $18.24
11.50mm DR2189 $19.73
12.00mm DR2194 $22.31
12.50mm DR2199 $24.64
13.00mm DR2204 $26.48

Total: $0

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The Evacut HSS Jobber Drill Bulk Packs contains general purpose silver drill bits designed for machine and hand held drilling.  They are suitable for drilling metal, wood and plastic.

Features include:
  • 118° Standard Point, common point for general purpose applications
  • Precision engineered parallel shank for accurate hole size
  • Constructed from M2 high speed steel offering the best combination of strength, heat & wear resistance
  • Made in New Zealand
Please enquire for a price on drills not listed here, we should be able to stock anything between 0.35mm to 2.00mm in increments of 0.05mm and 2.00mm to 13mm in increments of 0.10mm.

To enquire, click the link below labeled "Product query" 



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