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Bosch Self Feed Spade Bit

From $9.76
Qty. Size Products Price
6mm x 152mm WB3050 $9.76
8mm x 152mm WB3051 $10.19
10mm x 152mm WB3052 $11.43
12mm x 152mm WB3053 $11.19
13mm x 152mm WB3054 $11.19
14mm x 152mm WB3055 $11.19
16mm x 152mm WB3056 $12.57
18mm x 152mm WB3058 $12.68
19mm x 152mm WB3059 $12.68
20mm x 152mm WB3060 $12.41
22mm x 152mm WB3061 $12.77
24mm x 152mm WB3062 $11.59
25mm x 152mm WB3063 $13.19
26mm x 152mm WB3064 $12.31
28mm x 152mm WB3065 $16.78
30mm x 152mm WB3066 $17.28
32mm x 152mm WB3067 $15.92
35mm x 152mm WB3068 $18.31
38mm x 152mm WB3070 $16.47
6mm x 400mm WB3080 $19.60
8mm x 400mm WB3081 $19.60
10mm x 400mm WB3082 $31.40
12mm x 400mm WB3083 $31.40
13mm x 400mm WB3084 $33.89
14mm x 400mm WB3085 $32.42
16mm x 400mm WB3086 $31.88
18mm x 400mm WB3088 $38.90
19mm x 400mm WB3089 $29.16
20mm x 400mm WB3090 $34.39
22mm x 400mm WB3091 $35.39
24mm x 400mm WB3092 $40.66
25mm x 400mm WB3093 $30.77
28mm x 400mm WB3095 $36.24
30mm x 400mm WB3096 $36.24
32mm x 400mm WB3097 $35.66
38mm x 400mm WB3100 $40.02

Total: $0

BoschSpade ~ Supplier Part #:

Bits, Wood Bits


  • Suitable for soft and hard wood, light building material and plasterboard
  • Drills three times as fast as standard spade bits
  • Patent pending, self feeding threaded tip and cutting geometry
  • Manufactured in accordance with own factory standards from specially toughened steel
  • Precision ground tip and cutting edges for accurate dimensional stability when drilling
  • Shank with 1/4" hexagon socket manufactured to DIN 3126 - E 6.3
  • Innovative self-feeding threaded tip for fast and accurate drilling with little exertion of force
  • Pulls itself through all the way



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