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Bosch Wood Auger Bits

Bosch Wood Auger Bits
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  • Suitable for all soft and hard woods, even wet wood
  • Ideal for use in ancillary building trade, for joiners and roofers
  • Can be used in all drills with 13mm chuck
  • For through-holes, pre drilling for rafter nails and for deep dowel holes
  • Precision ground for accurate dimensional stability when drilling
  • Fast drilling rate due to optimised flute geometry
  • High break resistance, fine surface finish
Qty Size Description Price
6mm x 235mm WB3002 $30.62
8mm x 235mm WB3003 $30.02
10mm x 235mm WB3004 $29.57
11mm x 235mm WB3005 $27.46
12mm x 235mm WB3006 $27.46
13mm x 235mm WB3007 $25.60
14mm x 235mm WB3008 $31.81
15mm x 235mm WB3009 $31.81
16mm x 235mm WB3010 $32.57
18mm x 235mm WB3011 $36.64
20mm x 235mm WB3012 $34.94
22mm x 235mm WB3013 $41.12
24mm x 235mm WB3014 $47.15
25mm x 235mm WB3015 $46.26
26mm x 235mm WB3016 $54.67
28mm x 235mm WB3017 $57.39
30mm x 235mm WB3018 $60.38
32mm x 235mm WB3019 $55.89
8mm x 450mm WB3030 $52.46
10mm x 450mm WB3031 $55.75
12mm x 450mm WB3032 $61.94
14mm x 450mm WB3033 $56.33
16mm x 450mm WB3034 $60.01
18mm x 450mm WB3035 $75.67
20mm x 450mm WB3036 $66.73
22mm x 450mm WB3037 $73.23
24mm x 450mm WB3038 $87.01
26mm x 450mm WB3039 $98.93
28mm x 450mm WB3040 $101.80
30mm x 450mm WB3041 $120.98
32mm x 450mm WB3042 $116.09

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