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Powerbuilt 1/2dr Standard 12pt Sockets

From $4.55
Qty. Size Products Price
10mm HT1685 $6.65
11mm HT1686 $4.55
12mm HT1687 $6.58
13mm HT1688 $6.58
14mm HT1689 $6.14
15mm HT1690 $6.20
16mm HT1691 $6.20
17mm HT1692 $6.59
18mm HT1693 $6.75
19mm HT1694 $6.83
20mm HT1695 $6.67
21mm HT1696 $7.91
22mm HT1697 $8.92
23mm HT1698 $9.36
24mm HT1699 $9.79
25mm HT1700 $11.13
26mm HT1701 $11.39
27mm HT1702 $13.34
30mm HT1705 $15.50
32mm HT1706 $15.35
36mm HT1709 $25.91

Total: $0

1/2drSocket ~ Supplier Part #: 00000



  • All Powerbuilt sockets exceed ANSI specifications
  • Chrome vanadium steel fully polished finish 
  • Feature two grease rings for superior user grip 
  • Centre hole is punched through for extra depth on the work surface 
  • Offers Z-Drive contacting the flat walls of fasteners for stronger grip 
  • Thin wall design with chamfered openings for easier mating to fasteners 



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