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Bordo HSS Annular Cutters 25mm Deep

Bordo HSS Annular Cutters 25mm Deep
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  • Annular Cutters achieve burr-free finished holes without the need for pre-drilling or step drilling.
  • Alloyed HSS body absorbs high torque loads to minimise tool failure.
  • Bordo’s Annular Cutters are CNC ground and feature multi-cut geometry for smooth and fast cutting.
  • The precision ground flutes run the entire length of the cutter reducing friction and providing efficient chip removal, allowing for increased feed rates.
  • Step hardened tooth tips retain point hardness increasing cutter performance and extending tool life.
  • Bordo Annular Cutters feature a 3/4” universal shank that suits most standard machines

Bordo Annular Cutters features:
  • Increased cutting speed
  • Reduced tooth load
  • Minimized tool wear
  • Extended tool life
  • Close tolerance drilling without runout
  • Reamed quality, burr free finished holes
  • Re-sharpenable
Qty Size Description Price
12mm x 25mm DR8990 $41.29
13mm x 25mm DR8995 $41.17
14mm x 25mm DR9000 $45.31
15mm x 25mm DR9001 $45.31
16mm x 25mm DR9002 $50.49
17mm x 25mm DR9003 $50.03
18mm x 25mm DR9004 $54.28
19mm x 25mm DR9005 $54.28
20mm x 25mm DR9006 $60.26
21mm x 25mm DR9007 $60.26
22mm x 25mm DR9008 $67.62
23mm x 25mm DR9009 $67.62
24mm x 25mm DR9010 $72.91
25mm x 25mm DR9011 $73.03
26mm x 25mm DR9012 $78.20
27mm x 25mm DR9013 $81.08
28mm x 25mm DR9014 $81.65
29mm x 25mm DR9015 $84.53
30mm x 25mm DR9016 $100.26
31mm x 25mm DR9017 $87.91
32mm x 25mm DR9018 $94.88
33mm x 25mm DR9019 $98.21
34mm x 25mm DR9020 $101.89
35mm x 25mm DR9021 $104.54
36mm x 25mm DR9022 $110.40
38mm x 25mm DR9030 $117.30
40mm x 25mm DR9035 $123.17
42mm x 25mm DR9040 $137.66
45mm x 25mm DR9042 $157.32
48mm x 25mm DR9043 $173.42
50mm x 25mm DR9044 $194.70

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